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-Managing the administrative duties of the company for smooth functioning.
-Managing Esports team ( PC and Mobile ), maintaining tournament related details, ensuring players’ deliverables are completed in scheduled time.
-Develop and maintain cordial relations with tournament organisers, esports community, etc.
-Assisting other divisions of the company, plan, execute processes for various activities and identify areas of improvement.
-Collect company data through workflows, interactions with other members, prepare Management Information Systems (MIS) reports, make recommendations based on the findings, implement better processes, review the results of the newly implemented processes, etc.
-Oversee the company's productivity and efficiency levels, evaluate staff performance, and find ways to motivate employees.
-Ensure that the team members are functioning effectively, remaining productive and contributing through valuable work.
-Assist senior members in creating long term business strategies, improve company’s operations, achieve goals, give suggestions and feedback for improvement to the senior management.

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